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With the explosion of the Internet, obtaining a credit card is easier than ever. You can obtain an application online, or even complete the application online or in some cases even get approval for a credit card online in less than a minute.

There is a wide variety of credit cards out there from which to choose, so selecting an appropriate card for you can be confusing. Once you have established credit, you can choose between different interest rates, various rebate program such as frequent flyer miles, or you can obtain a secured credit card.

The answer inevitably depends on your lifestyle. If you intend to pay your credit card bills in full every month, then the interest rate is irrelevant and you should use a reward or cash rebate credit card that gives you something you will use in return (e.g. cash back cards such as Discover or reward cards such as airline mileage cards).

On the other hand, if you carry a balance every month the interest rate is extremely relevant. When selecting which credit card is best for you, make sure to choose a low interest credit card.

Until you have established a good credit history, you may only qualify for a secured credit card. In todays credit card market, depending on your credit, you should be able to obtain a secured credit card or a standard credit card with no annual fees. Another alternative is a pre-paid credit card.

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