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Ordering My Credit Report

With the use of the internet, obtaining a copy of your personal credit report from one or all three credit bureaus has become painless. You can order a credit report online containing your credit information from all three credit bureaus and have it instantly!

Note: you may be entitled to a free credit report - if a credit grantor used that report to determine you unworthy of credit, employment or insurance. You have 60 days after being declined to obtain your free report. Additionally, you are entitled to an annual free credit report from each bureau.

For greater peace of mind and protection of your personal credit, it is recommended that you register for a monthly credit monitoring service, ensuring the accuracy of your personal credit report. A monitoring service will alert you to any negative or fraudulent activity that may impact your credit and FICO credit score - generally the basis on which credit is extended to you by creditors (credit cards, home loans, car loans, etc.). Although this is a fee based service, it is inexpensive and the small cost now can far outweigh the potential negative impact on your credit. By monitoring your credit, you can avoid or minimize the impact of undesirable situations such as:

  • denial of home loan applications
  • denial of car loan applications
  • denial of credit card applications
  • identity theft
  • denial of rental application
  • undesired cancellation of credit cards
  • unjustified harassment by collection agencies
  • spending days, weeks, or even months correcting inaccurate information on your credit report


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